The Serbia exhibit is open.


2015_02_11 Utstilling i Aleksinac_0066The opening last night at the Center of Culture and Art in Aleksinac in Serbia was a very fine experience with many people attending; artists, professors from the Art Academy and the University in Nis, journalists, photographers the local TV station and a very responsive audience. It is a very evident and refreshing knowledge of, and respect for, the fine arts that we are not always so very used to in the Scandinavian countries.

2015_02_11 Utstilling i Aleksinac_0089 copy

The Norwegian embassy was represented by Chargé d’affairs Ms Jannicke Bain and Mr Uroš Ćulibrk, advisor and PA to the Ambassador. Ms Jannicke Bain spoke about the many cultural exchanges between Serbia and Norway and Mr Uroš Ćulibrk did a remarkable job with simultaneus translation between three languages; Norwegian, Serbian and English at an admirable speed. Also the mayor and the cultural administrator from the next city that the exhibit is going to visit, Bela Palanka, was attending the opening.

Dr. Kostic Palanski, heading the organization of artist, academics and writers, ‘Palanski Art’, that organize exhibits for cultural centers and galleries addressed the audience together with Mr. Marko Milandinovic, responsible for presenting the exhibition at the Center in Aleksinac and also responsible for the catalogue design and mounting of the exhibit.

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 Beautiful guitar music also was providef by talented music students of the Aleksinac Music School.

The prints where very nicely mounted without frames on white background behind clear glass. A very clean mounting that gives a very open experience of the prints.

2015_02_11 Utstilling i Aleksinac_0109 copy